please, discreate me!
Raumskulptur in Zusammenarbeit mit 
Michaela SchulzeWehninck und Anja Schreiber

Holzkubus 3x3x3 Meter, 
Holz, Plastik,Papier, Erde, Textilien, Keramik,Farbe
Ausstellungsansicht Elba-Kulturfabrik, NRW-Tag 2008, Wuppertal

During the project the three artists worked independently from each other within the wooden cube. The challenge was to develope or to destroy the work from the artist before. Only the different material and the basic 3x3x3 m cube had been known before. The game with the authorspip and the provocation to deconstruct influenced the artistic process.
The work is completed with a 3-channel video work.

übersicht/ general view