Every day
Papier-Plakate, Kleber

Ausstellungsansicht Mitwelt42103
Neuer Kunstverein Wuppertal 2017
Austellung im Öffentlichen Raum Hofaue Quartier

übersicht/ general view





EVERY DAY street art fotoproject 
Oversized Photographs of private rooms (bathroom, sleeping room, workspaces…) are sticking on the bottom of streets and footpaths. They adapt so much to the uneven floor, the boarding stones and canal covers as if they would belong to these places.
Soon they are showing traces of use, going lost under feet and car tires, becoming dirty and disappear slowly, until it is impossible to recognize them anymore.
The pedestrians are irritated while running over them, also because they are looking into an unexpectedly deep space.

They are faced with unconsciously moments of daily and domestic traces from an invisible private sphere and watch them within the missing protection of public streets and the disturbing influences of weather. I am interested in the encounter of two nearly unspectacular spheres: On the one hand the signs of our mostly uncontrolled privacy and intimacy and on the other hand the unconsciously use of our nearby public space.